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The Basics of the Stroke

Economical Muscular Effort and Ballistic Movement

An excerpt from Mastering Guitar Technique: Process & Essence by Christopher Berg




The application of the fundamental principles of economical muscular effort and ballistic movement in the strokes of the right-hand thumb and fingers that will allow muscular freedom to develop for an optimum playing technique.



How to apply these principles:

"Through slow practice, the brain should learn to stimulate only the muscles needed for a given movement. This will eliminate extraneous muscle contractions and tensions. Muscular force should be exerted on a joint only at the beginning of a movement. Once a finger begins to move, the inertia of this force causes the finger to complete its movement and follow-through. Extra force should not be applied during movement. While a finger is following-through, muscles controlling the finger joints should release and relax. This technical refinement, perhaps more than any other, contributes to the development of effortless technique."




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Right-Hand Scale Fingerings & String Crossing Exercises

A published printing from 1980 by Christopher Berg (



The scale exercises listed below are from an article by Christopher Berg from a publication in 1980 titled "Guitar Master Class: Technical Exercises by Famous Guitarists" that presents not only the popular a-m-i right hand pattern, but utilizes all of the right hand combination possibilities available to guitarists. This will aid guitarists in developing a well-rounded right hand technique for scale playing and applying valuable string-crossing exercises to these patterns to adequately perform various technical/musical situations in the extant repertoire of the classical guitar.

It is important to note that since the time of the publication, Christopher Berg recommends adding the right-hand finger combination i-a to the list of finger combinations. All of the right-hand finger combinations for scale playing can also be found in his current technique book Mastering Guitar Technique: Process & Essence by Mel Bay Publications in Lesson 23.



Sherrod, Ronald J. Guitar Master Class: Technical Exercises By Famous Guitarists and Teachers. Melville, N.Y: Belwin Mills, 1980.




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